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fake Bvlgari B.zero1 Series Jewelry brings you to the perfect metamorphosis

The noble origins of Italy originated from the inspiration of Roman Jean Muse; a jewel can eventually become a classic, of course, a fascinating story with a long history behind it; but want to stay fresh and alive in the long years? Want to keep creating passion? Hundred change, easy to catch is the key! So, Want a second or fresh girl next second will change temperament Queen? Not only graceful, but also unruly and rebellious? No problem, let the classic, introverted, creative replica Bulgari B.zero1 rings series Jewelry take you to play the change, change, change! If you just imagine, you’d feel a little industrial fake Bulgari B.zero ring The 1 series had nothing to do with the “Sweet Girl” Lili Collins, but the fact is that Lily, who wears B.zero 1 series of jewellery, has an extra grace, and the independent temperament under the gentle exterior is instantly stimulated by the small hard ring between the fingers.

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Lili Collins with fake Bvlgari B.zero1 rings series Jewelry If you just think about it, you’ll feel the industrial Bulgari (Bulgari) B.zero 1 series simply can’t be with “sweet Girl” Lili Collins (Lily Collins), but the truth is, wearing B.zero Lily of the 1 series jewelry has a more elegant, and the gentle appearance of the independent temperament of the moment was the finger of the small hard ring excited out.

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Cartier Love Bangle (Realstyle.su) is the most popular celebrities celebrities welcome one of the bracelets

1960 began to screw the image of the world famous Cartier love series, has become the world’s many celebrities to express their loved ones. And, by virtue of simple and modern design, coupled with the rich meaning of love bracelet, making it the most popular bracelet jewelry industry, but also the stars of the most favorite jewelry. True love bracelet has a distinctive elegant style and neutral temperament, and now has developed into bracelets, rings, necklaces and other jewelry series jewelry.

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In 1969, the Italian designer Aldo Cipullo designed a series of true love bracelet, he was fascinated by the ancient history and moving legend, and looking for inspiration. True love bracelet design comes from the legend of the Middle Ages – the soldiers on the battlefield before their wives will be in the waist of the iron “chastity” to ensure their loyalty to marriage. Cartier to screw the true love of the way to express love of loyalty, specifically for the couple to create a love of each other and loyal love bracelet. In the sixties and seventies of last century, Western society was in a period of violent turmoil in culture, morality and political philosophy. The popular “liberation” movement caused many people to lose their faith in love and life. But the advent of this bracelet is like a breeze, blowing into the hearts of everyone lost, so that people re-believe that love and loyalty of the beautiful, once again found the power of respect and trust. Even more significant is that the “LOVE bracelet” has changed the role of jewelry in fashion, it is no longer just the attachment of clothes, and can become a bright spot alone. Thus, a small screw, the achievements of the world jewelry in the history of a classic legend.

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Love will be cartier jewelry outlet

Love is like an object on the table. If you don’t wipe it often, it will be covered with ash. Food has a shelf life, love is also there, love that has passed the shelf life is like milk that has passed the shelf life, and accidentally becomes yogurt. Maybe you are very confident about your love, then try not to contact for a week, try not to meet for three months, in this impetuous era, love can not stand the test and test. You are different from the person you like, and you haven’t met for half a year. When you meet again, you know that you have a short relationship in the past six months. What do you do? The chic turn, Tianya never sees each other? But you still love him deeply. Or do you close one eye for love? Be a fool of love. Falling gray love, like the stone grains in white rice, will always panic when you eat it. Although we forget it, it is very difficult to forget something, it is painful in our hearts, and the more we work hard to cover up The more painful it is, the more it feels like a sharp knife is stuck in the heart, the pain can not breathe. When you are in love, you can turn around and re-enter, only when they are not suitable for each other. If the love in marriage falls, what are you going to do? No one believes that the person he loves will betray, because no one wants to admit that he has blinked and read the wrong person. But are there few examples around you? Love will be cartier jewelry outlet, people will. If one day, love will look like,


I hope you can regain your confidence and continue to believe in love. The younger ones around me talked about four or five times of love in three months Knockoff Replica Cartier Jewelry. Talking about a love is like eating a fast food replica cartier love rings, eating and drinking enough, patting the butt and leaving, leaving the messy scene who cleans up, who cleans up? Perhaps different eras have given different definitions of love, why bother to consider others with their own values. But I still look forward to the love of a person who is not in love. Whether you have talked about ten or eight, and loved a hundred thousand, but no one really loved it, you are still a poor pity in love. Good love is not how many people you love, but someone who is willing to reject everyone for you. If you meet the right person, you are willing to be an enemy of the whole world. He is also willing to win the whole world for you. Engels said that class produces love. This is a bit like what our ancestors said. From a rational point of view, before falling in love, the two will always analyze each other’s external image, family background, personal achievements, and future development prospects. After some consideration, we will explore the inner qualities of personality and humanity. After this struggle, we will enter the stage of love. Some people may say that love is no reason, but is there really no reason? Men say the reality of women now, and they are thinking about marrying rich people. Women say that men are superficial and they are looking for young and beautiful women. But from a biological point of view, both men and women are just looking for better genes, so that good genes can be passed on. This is an animal instinct. It’s just that people have ideas and will make reasonable choices. Some people choose to laugh in bicycles. Some people choose to cry in a BMW. Of course, most people don’t even have the chance to cry in a BMW. They can only choose people with better conditions. They are all free people with thoughts. No one blames anyone, no one blames anyone. Moreover, we have not been like this for thousands of years. Even if love falls grey in the season, your eyes should be translucent, and your heart still has the original look of love. Young people who work alone outside will inevitably have a day when they have nothing. Even if you have nothing now, you must believe and believe in everything.

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High-end jewellery - Replica Cartier Jewelry

High-end jewellery and haute couture are all living together. They show extraordinary creativity and relentless pursuit of perfection. They are made of precious materials, revitalized through unique craftsmanship, and more practically: they have highly consistent customers. group. For this reason, the annual high-end jewelry week in Paris has also become the golden period for the release of fine jewelry. During the high-time period, Cartier not only released exquisite and gorgeous high-end equipment, but also brand new high-end jewelry series Cartier bracelet appeared at the Musee d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris Replica Cartier Jewelry, inspired by high-time loading Intricate lace detail in the middle. The ingeniously woven structure, combined with the intertwined vine pattern, ensures that the “lace” can be combined and transformed to create a variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings. The vortex and the spiral elements blend in and gracefully fit the wrist or neck curve. Victoire said: ‘I want to capture the light and delicate beauty of lace, which is an important element of high-end custom, just like ribbons, silk and draping, is the soul of Dior.’ Colorful colors have always been pleasing to the eye, however Different cultures have different interpretations of color Replica Cartier Love Bracelets, such as India, which is famous for its vivid and vivid colors; the East prefers strong contrasting colors; Japan especially advocates low-key softness; African tribes have unique color blocks. 223 Cartier’s latest high-end jewellery collection Coloratura, by exploring these changing colors of aesthetics and ancient and modern contrasts, presents the brand’s endless curiosity and openness to the whole world. To celebrate the birth of this new collection, reflecting the diverse spirit of Coloratura, Cartier invited Marie-Agne?s Gillot, the chief ballet dancer of the Paris Opera, to choreograph.

On the stage of the conference, the dancers wore Cartier’s fine jewellery and performed the beauty of fine jewelry. . The new collection of high-end jewellery collections, with colorful colors and elegant lines, draws rich backgrounds from all over the world to highlight the brand aesthetics. Charming gems, inspiration, modern craftsmanship, colorful colors… The Coloratura collection consists of 240 beautiful pieces. The dialogue between gems and colors gives birth to a unique world of high jewellery that inspires exquisite feelings and conveys vitality and emotion. Emerald, spinel, orange garnet, turquoise and diamonds create a dazzling contrast of colors, reminiscent of exotic Eastern European festivals and traditional ladies’ pleated slips. The necklace is shaped with an emerald-cut emerald, and the fascinating color reveals the color features from Afghanistan, and the unique appearance gives off a different charm. Each gem is unique and brings together into a harmonious whole. Diamonds, onyx, turquoise, spinel and orange garnets are alternately paved to create a striking geometric pattern. The beautiful colors contrast Replica Cartier Love Bracelets UK, echo and set off, which is more attractive.

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Three-dimensional texture and color to create new ideas Replica Cartier Jewelry

Feast of lines and colors The boutond’or series reinterprets the classic jewellery style ‘paillette’ designed by the family in the late 1930s in a pleasant and harmonious way Cheap Cartier Love Bracelets. It uses Lenovo, three-dimensional texture and color to create new ideas Replica Cartier Jewelry, and is cursive and feminine. design style. The bumpy graphics are centered with diamonds, a necklace that fits the pink neck, a slightly asymmetrical bracelet, earrings that dance with every movement of the body, a three-dimensional ring and a gorgeous pendant. The boutond’or collection consists of two sets of five pieces of jewellery that are bold and eye-catching.

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The soft rose gold luster adorns the subtle colours of the mother-of-pearl and the warmth of the ruby ​​marrow Replica Cartier Love Bracelets UK. The central inlaid diamonds are arranged in three rows of high and low undulating designs, or form a lively circle. The series uses a sharp contrast, with yellow k gold to set off the deep black and green chalcedony of the onyx, like the new green in the early spring, injecting fresh vitality into the jewelry. The two pieces are embellished with flexible and movable gold pieces, which combine the pure geometric shape of the diamond with the curved line to define the beauty of the jade finger, or the pendant that can be converted into a brooch. In order to ensure the softness and elasticity of each piece of jewellery, each figure is carefully assembled by a jeweler with extremely precise hands. Each piece of jewellery is often composed of hundreds of parts, and the components of the necklace can be up to one thousand pieces. . After the assembly work is completed, it is also necessary to undergo strict inspection to ensure that each finished product meets the strict standards of quality and refinement of the family.